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Plastic has revolutionized the world. The products have become such a vital part in our daily life that we are surrounded by plastic everywhere.

They have made the storage and transport of goods convenient, easy, and cheap; they are heat sealable, resistance to water and air which makes them perfect for packaging application.

These products made out of plastic are not degradable, recyclable, or compostable, hence post-use, they cause environmental pollution.

Majority of the plastic pollution is caused by single-use disposable plastic products. They end up in landfills or oceans just after one-time use, causing a significant waste disposal problem.

The plastic in the landfills leaches harmful chemicals in the groundwater, the plastic in the rivers causes the problem of water logging and may even lead to floods, the plastic in oceans harms flora and fauna.

ZeroPlast Labs was started in May 2018 with a vision to develop a 100% compostable alternative to single-use plastic such as plates, straws, bags, cups and bottles. We are India’s first company to develop fully soil compostable, single-use, cost-effective, hygienic, plastic-free products from nanocellulose.

Within weeks after use, our products will be composted into humus and can be used as manure in agriculture. Backed by science from CSIR-NCL, our nanocellulose based novel patent-pending technology will transform the single-use packaging and food-service market and address the issue of plastic pollution.

Cups, Straws, Plates and Bags made from Nanocellulose Coated Paper.

Product Features:


Aditya Kabra

Aditya Kabra – Founder and CEO of ZeroPlast Labs; MS from IISER Pune; Past – Founder of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell, and Maker’s Lab at IISER Pune.

Kadhiravan Shanmuganathan – Co-founder and Scientific Advisor of ZeroPlast Labs; PhD (CWRU, USA), Post Doc (UT Austin, USA); Scientist at Polymer Science Dept., CSIR-NCL.

Sindhu V – Scientific Advisor, PhD (Anna University, Chennai); Ass. Prof. at Biotechnology Dept. at PSG College of Technology.

Premnath Venugopalan – Business Strategy and IP Advisor; PhD (MIT, USA), Head, NCL Innovations and Scientist at Polymer Science Dept., CSIR-NCL.

Lokesh Rathi – Paper Industry Advisor; Past – Sales manager at Asia Pulp and Paper, Indonesia and Technical officer at ITC – Paperboard Division, India.

Christine Cherry – Research Intern, pursuing final year microbiology at Ferguson College, Pune.

Dhriti Hazarika – Research Intern, pursuing final year in Environmental Science at Ferguson College, Pune.

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